My thoughts on the Cross-Realm AH

This post is my entry for Cold’s Blogging carnival November 2012.  Cold holds a blogging carnival carnival every month and you can enter too at his site.  The topic for November was the Cross-realm Auction House which is rumored to be on the planning boards at blizzard to come out soon.  I have some views on how this could be used to every gold makers advantage(though I am only just starting out gold making) and some of the disadvantages it could hold(a.k.a cheaper prices for anyone who wants to buy anything).

First, I would like to talk about how it could be implemented.  Remember the neutral Auction house the one you use to transfer goods from one faction or the other and maybe, just maybe, sniped an item off in a moment of not caring how much that player you sniped it from lost(don’t look at me like that, we’ve all done it :D).  I believe that the Cross-Realm auction house should be implemented like the neutral Auction House, a separate Auction house in some locations that maybe need a bit more love from the playerbase(Such as Exodar for alliance).  It could be used to transfer goods across realms and would be in a remote place where nobody can be bothered going so it doesn’t hurt the economy.  Alternate to that, it could be in a place where lots of people would use it and provide really cheap prices on mats.

Next I would like to say how it could be used greatly to our advantage concerning shuffling and flipping if the auction house was in a easy to get to location.  With cheap mats on the CRAH(Cross-Realm Auction House), you could buy your ore and herbs for the shuffle in there and sell all your cuts and enchants on the server’s normal AH to make profit.  You could also buy some very underpriced items on there and sell them for major profits on the factions main AH.

There is of course, another good way it could be used.  If the CRAH was in a quite remote or hard to get to area, it would be quite empty like the neutral AH.  This could then be used to transfer items from one realm to another with a say 15% cut like the neutral AH.  I can imagine this being used in all kinds of ways such as one I would make use of myself, Living steel.  Living Steel is going on my server for around 550g-600g.  I can imagine that these prices are quite low compared to some other servers and so I would buy living steel on my server and transfer it to another server to sell for profit.

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